Crochet coral reef or food?

For some reason, this looks like a food to me. It's also the wildest crochet coral reef piece I've ever seen--I love all of them and this one is extra lovable. From MsGaia.

I can't even begin to think of a title for this

Very cool--from Julia Laing--a wonderful set of pictures.

Sea creatures

I love this stuff! From Helle Jorgensen's Coral Garden.

Crochet bags

I make crochet bags--who knew it was such a popular thing to do! From skamama.


I love these--in Moerde Aarde from The Netherlands.

Happy New Year!

May it bring you what you wish for, whatever it may be.

Baby turkey hats

How cute are these?! Oh my. From MiniLaura

About YouCraft

This lovely blog with lots of jewelry making info featured a little write-up on YouCraft--here it is at Shiny Adornments--how fun, thank you!


Two YouCraft moments of coolness:

If you google "buy handmade jewelry" YouCraft is on the front page of the results.
And ...
We have over 1,000 active listings.

Crochet cat

The whole encyclopedia thing made me look for other encyclopedias, and I found an entry by Patti Haskins on the Encyclopedia of Crafts, a 70s series of books I did not know but that apparently is kind of retro kitsch cool, and then I looked at her flickr and found this which I like.

Polymer clay encyclopedia

I thought this was cool, from GlassAttic, a polymer clay encyclopedia.

Beautiful orange

So beautiful, so finely done, from delfina.

Massive list of Etsy alternatives

Click to visit at Psylology.
And another list, right on etsy by Vielera Design.

Dollhouse sofa

I love this, with all the little pillows, part of more dollhouse furniture shown on craftster.

Prettiest of all

Prettiest rings, from Off with her head!--made you look?

Giant knitted rabbit

It's on a hillside in Italy and can be seen from space! Knitted by, apparently, grandmothers, although I don't know if that was an underlying requirement, that they be grandmothers, it's 200 feet long and 20 feet high and will be up there until 2025. From Telegraph, a British newspaper.

Q-tip lamb

How cute is this?! I saw it on a craftster post, and she has a link to the instructions on

Handspun wool

Look at these colors, oh, my gosh, the colors--so beautiful. From Mustang Diaries